Payment Plan


We offer payment plans for animals priced $350 or more. Payment plans are not eligible for discounts. They must be at full list price. The deposit amount is 20% minimum. Full payment must be complete within 60 days from time of deposit. You must complete your current plan before beginning another one. Payment plan payments are nonrefundable. Once you enter into a payment plan agreement you cannot change it for another animal. Please understand that we offer this service to help our customers obtain animals that may be out of reach otherwise.

*Please do not enter into a payment plan agreement unless you intend to complete it because there will be no refunds on payments made for incomplete payment plans.


To begin a payment plan  please contact us thru contact form. Tell us the ID number and title of the animal you want to reserve. We will structure your payments any way you want. So also tell us how you want the payments. For example, $100 per month or $200 per week. Whatever works for you is fine with us as long as the plan is complete within 60 days. When you finish, we will need you to contact us to arrange a shipping date. We are not monitoring invoices to see when they are complete.

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